Accidental Sour Dough

Last night I fell deeply asleep during the rise of a buttermilk white loaf.  Did I mention the loaf was sitting on the top of the stove with the oven preheating?  oh and I slept 5 hours.

By the time I woke the sticky dough had come alive and escaped the loaf pan.  It was heading across the stove top when I picked it up to trash it.  

As I picked it up the aroma from the over proofed dough reminded me of great sour dough a friend used to send me from San Francisco. I decided to try and save it.  

As it was now well after midnight I just added a little flour and toss it in the fridge for what was left of the night. Then crashed.

I panned it again let rise and threw it in the oven.  The aroma filled the house.  The end product was FABU!!!

Now the only problem I have is recreating it without running the oven on 350 degrees five hours!  Hmmm?  I wonder if a heating pad would work.

I see another experiment in my future!


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