Health up swing

In the last few weeks my health has been improving right along. All the in home nursing care will end this week.  

All of my numbers have stabilized.  The pain is at a point that I could go to the pool again.  A little sun, a little exercise.

I don't want to mislead you. They have not completely released me from home monitoring.  They have outfitted me with telepathic monitors.

Well it's not really telepathy.  It's wifi.  But it was fun for a minute.

A friend called it cool but creepy. We know the creepy  part.   The cool part are the wifi monitors.  One blood pressure cuff and one pulse/ox monitor.

I get both numbers every morning. After each reading the monitor connects with it's own little wifi station.  From there it forwards my information to a nurse in my doctors office.

HMMMM?  Is it me or is that still a little creepy?


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