Rats!. . . Just RATS!!!

For most of my life I have been a casual drinker.  I have always prefered rum, vodka and bourbon in a mixer when I did drink.

I have never found a wine that I could drink. Not a red, a white or a rose'.  Well that's almost true.  I had a sip of my dads Boones Farm Strawberry Hill when I was a kid.  I loved that. It was the only wine I liked.  Until a couple nights ago.

Charles came home with a local wine.  Duplin Black 
River Red.  It is described as a sweet table wine.  The grape they use is muskadine.  The muskadine grape has a very recognizable flavor.  I love it!

It is lovely!  RATS!!

It is smooth, not bitter at all.  Rats!! Even the finish is smooth. RATS!!

Why rats?  Now that I found the one wine I like well enough to keep in the fridge all the time I can't drink it!  RATS!!

My meds react badly when mixed with booze.  RATS!!
Oh well, here is all the info for all those who enjoy a sweet smooth wine.

Have a Glass For me!!


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