Monday's `Sunday dinner'

I was still thinking about `Sunday Dinner' on Monday evening. It reminded me that we have not seen our parents in 15 months.

Mom and Dad are both getting over the flu. Dad is still coughing so bad he can't talk well.  Poor Daddy!  However, I was hoping Mom was well enough.

Well enough you ask?  Well enough to join us for "dinner".  Via cell phone on speaker of course.

Mom  (remind me to tell you of her super powers)

So for last nights dinner of leftovers from Sunday we sat down at the table and Mom joined us.  We talked and munched.  

Charles is so busy it is hard to get him on a phone for a chat.  It tickled Mom to have a chance to catch up on his goings on.

When we finished eating Charles went to watch TV.  The girls and I took Mom to the bedroom and we finished our gab fest.

Not as good as having them there, but quite nice all the same.


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