Having a Julia Sugarbaker Moment!

I feel a rant coming on!  Or as I call them a `Julia Sugarbaker Moment'.  (a TV character from the olden days.  Look it up)

The subject of todays rant?  Creepy TV commercials.  Most of these ads run along the same line.  Sexual innuendo will sell anything.  

Starting with the king of one of my favorite bugrer places.  To fantacies of garbage toting, clog busting hunks.  The most creepy one I can't even tell you what they were selling.  Once I saw a young woman making out with a walrus I had to leave the room.

I know what you are thinking. . . I am old fashion and if I don't like it don't watch it.  You are right of course.  I am old fashioned and I do change the channel.  

Some nights it feels like I spend more time avoiding the objectionable ads than I do watching my preferred programing.  IT IS EVERYWHERE!!!



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