more freezer fodder

I am NOT A MORNING PERSON!  Until 9:AM and 2 cups of coffee I am a complete grump-a-zoid!  

That means my favorite breakfast food, pancakes, is not gonna happen.  Rats!

Now I am aware there are frozen pancakes and waffles.  They are not the gloriously fluffy frisbee of flavor that is a home made pancake.

I make a whole batch . . .or two, and allow them to cool completely.  Spread on a cooling rack I freeze them at least 6 hours.

Put them in a freezer bag and save for a morning your feeling a mite monsterish.   

If you have some of the silicone bowls we discussed a few weeks ago, slide them in one and steam quickly in the microwave.  Without the silicone bowls the microwave may turn the fluffiness hard.  So sad.

The oven method works well but takes a little longer.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees.  Layer the frozen pancakes you need on the oven rack close the oven.  Check the pancakes every 5 minutes.  Serve when thawed and warm. 

One last tip.  I only use melted butter and warm syrup on my hot pancakes.  Cold toppings take all the warmth out and leave them rubbery.  So sad.


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