how do i stay sane?

Ten years ago when Charles opened his home to me neither of us expected that we would still be fighting this battle together.  I am often asked how we keep our sanity.

I can not speak for the brother but for myself, Charles and his girls have helped me immensely.  Caring for Charles, Trixie and Lady has helped me re-focus my attention.

Over the years the illnesses and pains that I dealt with could have become my only focus.  Making me miserable and heavily depressed.

The antics of the dogs and the kindness of the brother have kept me sane. . . Well that and a little retail therapy. LOL

Seriously though, no longer able to drive, the online access to almost any product know to man has helped me.  A LOT!

Since Charles doesn't have to find time to search out things we need for the house or my personal needs, I think it has helped him too.  I hope. . .

I also budget about $30.00 a month for fun.  Since I am unwell a lot it is only occasionally used for going out to eat.  More often it is used to satisfy my shopping addiction.

I am a power shopper.  I spend weeks sometimes months researching each purchase.

I am also a spontanious shopper.  Saw it. Gotta have it. Can't afford it!  eBay!  Here I come!

I am also a planning shopper!  Big purchases, like my ipad, I plan and budget.  This kind of spend I ALWAYS discuss with Charles.  His insight helps a lot.  

I will show the brother my happy little buys, like the hand painted stem ware I love.  

Charles gets this tolerant smile and shakes his head. I can read that smile.  'Where are you gonna put THAT?!?'  

Don't worry!  I have just the place!  LOL!


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