Old School

Since I am unable to work I have time to do things I enjoy.  Not just do them, but do them right.

Nothing excessive but maybe things that I would normally take a shortcut with, I now do by hand.  Take stock.

I have no problem with commercial 'stock in a box'.  It is a wonderful emergency substitute.  However being a commercial product a lot of it has chemical preservatives.  Not to mention LOADS of salt.

In my freezer I keep chicken, pork and beef stock.  Made by me.  The result is a salt free, almost fat free pot of flavor.

It is a low and slow process that takes several hours, when done right.  Now everything you cook with it rises to another luscious level.

big win!
Take last nights dinner.  Biscuits and sausage gravy.  I usually make it with a base of soy milk and a little cream.  As I was out of soy milk I subbed pork stock.  I finished the gravy off with some black pepper and a splash of cream.

The end result is a revved up flavor profile that Left Charles saying 'REAL good' over and over!

That's my job done!


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