Yesterday I got up feeling well enough to try a new dish last night.  What a fool I am.  That's another story.

The dish.  For months I have been thinking of trying hand made pasta.  Just a hand cut spaghetti.  Nothing too adventurous.  Right?

The book said it can be made in a few minutes.  Either by food processor or by hand.  My processor died a few month ago so by hand was the way to go.

 The book said you could get a smooth silky pasta either way.  

Armed with the last tomatoes from the brothers vines I set off into the madness.

I made a lovely meat sauce with ground beef and sausage.  Then came the pasta.

Just the right amount of good flour.  3 room temp eggs, incorporated gently by hand.   What did I get?  A gloppy mess.  

Too wet asks the book?  Add more flour.  Easy. I added the recommended amount, still gloppy. More flour and more flour! Still a mess. Tried to roll it out any way. 

The result was a culinary disaster that I was ashamed even to photograph.  WEEP!  SOB!  WEEP!

Battling with this tragic pasta had left my flu beaten body gasping for breath.  So I just threw it away.

What did I serve my lovely sauce on you ask?  Garlic Bread.


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