beating mike

When we were catching up Alice (Alice of the clock, 11/27/2013) reminded me of an incident that happened when we worked together.  I had forgotten this and I am sure I have not shared with you. It needs telling.

Way back in the day, before debit cards, we had ATM cards. You could not shop with it but if you can find an ATM you could get money.

Six:am one morning on the way to work I am out of money and out of gas.  I need an ATM.  

Standing behind another customer I was figuring if there was enough to get breakfast too.  The lady before me leaves.  I move up. Suddenly I am in a head lock.

Everyone says 'What goes through your mind?` at a time like that. Not a stinking thing!

I went straight for self-preservation.  I drove my elbow into his gut.  As he bent over I went to work on his face.  Again and again and again.

In the midst of this terror driven attack I start to hear a voice.  MERCY!  MERCY! It`s me!  Stop! It`s just me!

Mike?  What the.....?  Mike, sales man for a parts company I dealt with, thought it would be funny to scare me.  GGGRRROWL.

When I finally let Mike up, his nose was bleeding and an eye would eventually swell shut.

I hear he told his wife he had a fender bender.  Very funny Mike!


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