I got up this morning thinking of our Esme's french toast.  Will have to whip some up!

The thought of Esme this morning took me to a conversation I had with her mother Leslie.  I was checking in on the family.  All is well.

Leslie mentioned, with some pride, the school project that Max had just completed.

Max, my nephew, is in grade school.  8th grade I believe.

Max's class was studying the American revolution.  As his end of quarter project Max chose to make a card board replica of the canteen that would have been carried at that time.  He nailed it!

Don't know about you but my eighth grade curriculum was no where near this advanced.  Max and his peers are leaps and bounds ahead of where we were.

I am so proud of Max, he and his classmates are the result of a re-focused education.  They are learning the past and preparing for the things to come.

Go get 'em Max!


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