I watch entirely too much TV: Godzilla

Godzilla is on!  I was born in 1956.  Just before the Japanese monsters of the early fifties invaded Saturday morning TV.   

Mothra, Rodan and so many others I don't remember their names. My everlasting favorite was Godzilla.  

I prefer the early movies with the mismatched dubbing and the ever improving special effects.  Starting with the superimposed plastic toys or puppets to a man wearing a Godzilla suit.

Even the 1956 version that was dubbed into English and scenes of Raymond Burr stitched in.

  I also have a soft spot for the newest incarnation.  Where our monster invades Manhattan, looking considerably more lethal.


Matthew Broderick is our hero.  As unlikely as it seems he saves the city and manages to bond with Godzilla in the end!  

My hero!

Gotta go now or I'm gonna miss the best part!


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