I have had some tummy distress recently, as a result of an allergic reaction.  Ginger ale and toast is the order of the day.

I love white bread and it makes the best toast.  However, I thought there might be a version that is more enriching with out loosing the tenderness that is so soothing on the tummy. Internet here I come!!

I found several sites that recommended challah, an egg bread, to accompany a hearty chicken soup.
The theory is that the extra protein from the eggs help maintain strength.  That will speed recovery.  I'm sold.  Now I need a recipe!

Found a great one on '' recipe club. I had to adjust for my bread machine.  But it was still wonderful!  I made 2 beautiful loves.  One to consume and one to freeze.

It makes HUGE loaves.  I felt like the coneheads from vintage 'Saturday Night Live'.

"Must consume mass quantities!" LOL

I have to go now but I will post the recipe this afternoon.


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