Blue eyes, sunglasses and cataracts

I thought I would share some medical news I learned just this week. People who have light colored eyes should wear sunglasses.

I know it is important for everyone to wear protective eye wear but it is more so for those of us with light colored eyes.  Blue, green even light brown.

 Many years ago my eye doctor told me this.  He recommended not only sunglasses but the darker the better. Apparently our eyes are much more susceptible to sun damage. So like a good patient I wore my sassy shades all summer.

This week I am finding that is not enough.  RATS!! It is recommended that everyone wear sunglasses all year.  Even cloudy, overcast or rainy days can add to sun damage.

People with darker pigment in their eyes still can have sun damage but it tends to be less damaging and heals more completely.  

All of us collect sun damage on our eyes s long as we live.  Later in life these collected damages can become cataracts and often do.  Again this is most prevalent in lighter colored eyes. 

So invest in some sassy shades and keep your baby blues happy!  



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