Bacon Jam

Over the weekend The Brother and I watched a food show on the Discovery Channel.  The United States of Bacon.  

Chef Todd Fisher travels the country finding a bacon fix for those of us addicted to the divine swine.  On this episode he found a bacon grilled cheese.

Not only were there several strips of bacon on this sandwich, there was something they called bacon jam smeared on bread.

Of course this was a secret recipe but they did let slip that is was a blend of onions, garlic, bacon and brown sugar.  Charles and I agreed, we MUST have this. 

This morning has had me once again donning my mad scientist gear as I tried to replicate this elusive jam.  I think I am close.  It will need some tweaking However, for a first attempt, I am pretty pleased.

I will confer with Charles and adjust spices and amounts until we get it right! 


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