The Breakfast Experiment

This morning breakfast was  an experiment in Southern restraint.  We had buttermilk biscuits with creamy bacon gravy.

I will grant you that this doesn't sound like restraint, Southern or otherwise.  Hear me out.

I love a good biscuit. Warm and fluffy.  Bursting with steamy layers.  Nothing better. . . until you step on the scale.

I wanted a biscuit that was more friendly.  I also wanted the decadence I was used to.  What to do?  I made 2 substations.  

First, I replaced half the fat (in this case butter and vegetable shortening) with coconut oil.  Coconut oil is a solid shortening that is more quickly and completely used by the human body. So very little stores as fat.  HOORAY!!!  (Refined coconut oil is everywhere these days.  I buy mine at Walmart.  On the baking isle.)

Second, I replace the full fat buttermilk with nonfat buttermilk.  This makes absolutely no difference in the final product but has the effect of reducing the fat even more.

I can hear you.  'Little white hockey pucks.  Gotta be!'  Nope!  light and fluffy.  Totally luscious!

With the gravy I made only one change.  Where i would have used whole milk and heavy cream I substituted unsweetened and unflavored soy milk.  No lactose.  No milk fat.  But all the calcium of milk.

Soy takes on the flavor of food around it so the bacon flavor was intensified.  Rich, creamy and indiscernible from regular milk gravy.

The Brother had no idea til I told him. 


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