My Spice Sage

When I find a company I like I share with you.  Like Back To The Roots.

I cook a good deal with herbs and spices.  So I look for good deals on quality herbs and spices.

I have been ordering my spices online for over a year now and I love itThe company is My Spice Sage.  Their product is excellent.  Their prices are half what I would spend locally. Plus their standard shipping is free.

To be sure I was not misleading you I priced out my last order locally.  

The first problem was finding comparable product locally. . .at any price. 

The first item I ordered was Vietnamese Saigon cinnamon at $4.75 for 4 oz.  The closest I could come was McCormick's Premium Cinnamon at $3.30 an ounce.  That would make my 4 oz bag of cinnamon $13.20.

Next was ground cumin.  I again ordered a 4 oz bag and paid $4.25.  The best local price was $3.00 an oz.  Making my purchase $12.00.

I also ordered Ground Chipolte Pepper at $5.75 for a 4 oz bag.  This I could not find any of the local grocery stores.

This brings my total order (with free shipping) to $13.75 .. .and my incomplete grocery order to $24.95.

Oh wait! there is more.  They also include a free one ounce sample of your choice with each order.  These are my free dried chives.  


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