Chilly Dawg

By now I think everyone knows 'the girls'.  They are the Brother's rat terriers and my furry nieces.

I took the girls for a walk this afternoon.  The weather is windy and overcast.  Trixie did her 'business' as soon as she hit the out doors.  She was done and couldn't understand why we had to wait for Lady. 

As we meandered through the neighborhood I noticed that Trixie had begun to shiver.  She had her heavy coat on but it was obvious the wind was getting to her.

I picked her up and tucked her into my own coat. Soon she warmed up and stopped shivering.  Lady finished up and we went home.

I got them out of their gear but before I could get my own coat off Trixie decided she was still cold.  I may have created a monster. 


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