The sound of family

As I write to you I hear the voices of my family as they finish breakfast.  It has been a couple of years since we have all been together.  

Aunt Mercy

The family sounds are occasionally contentious We tend to be a sarcastic group.  However even the contention is filtered with love and laughter.

'The Brother' is Trixie's happy place
There I am in my Sunday go to meeting apron of satin and lace with pearls. 

This is Charles, you know him as 'the brother'.  This is not the best picture of him.  He is camera shy and I have to take what I can get!

Jewelry Queen
 Sally is our entrepreneur, jewelry queen. It was her generous idea to make all the girls a 'family tree' bracelet. She made matching hand embossed pieces for Mom, Me, Lesley and Esme'.
As well as herself.   The prematurely silver gentleman, Mark, is Sally's husband.  HMMMM?  Does that make him Prince Consort to the Jewelry Queen?  I will have to ask.
Max and Chomp
This happy guy is Max.  Son of Ed and Lesly.  Nephew to me.  The shark, Chomp, was the best friend for the day.

 Max is our computer whiz.  He has an affinity for all things electronic.  I have no doubt that one day he will run the world.


This lovely girl is Esme'.  Sister to Max.  Future inventor/engineer/artist.  Her artistry lives with her everyday. 

 Good time, Good food and Great family!  It was a fabulous weekend!

From right to left Charles III, Ed, Max, Lesley, Me, Esme', Mimi to the grand kids, Mom to me, Sally and Mark.  My family.   
Charles Jr.  or as we know him Dad
 P.S.  My Dad is not in the pic because he was behind the camera.


Anonymous said…
Where was your mom?
mercyt said…
The grand kids call My mom Mimi. She is at the top of the pic

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