More mushroom news.

Several weeks ago I told you I had mushoorms in my mushroom garden kit.  I was wrong.

I mistook some of the garden growing medium as sprouts.  I am  here to tell you I now have real honest to goodness shrooms growing in my garden.  :D  

It has been a long road getting to this point.  But I don't think it is the fault of the garden product.  Let me explain.

Seven months ago we moved  to the eastern part of North Carolina.  The tap water in this part of the state is horrific.  So we installed a water filter on the kitchen sink and both showers.  Better.

Even with the filtered water my coffee maker clogs up every two weeks and leaves our coffee with a terribly bitter after taste.  I was using this same filtered water to mist my mushrooms.  HMMMM?  

Jasmine helped me with my truculent garden.  We moved it away from the windowWe re-soaked it and started again.  We even did surgery.  Still nothing.

Jasmine, bless her, even sent me a new garden.  But it too refused to grow.  Then I had a thought.  If my filtered tap water is effecting my coffee so adversely could it be stunting the growth of my mushrooms?   It could.

I switched to bottled water and in 36 hours i had mushrooms growing!!

My camera is awaiting new batteries.  Power gobbler that it is.  As soon as I can get some I will send photos.    


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