White lasagna

In April and May I love a white lasagna. Some people call it a spring lasagna. It is made with a  parmigian white sauce fresh blanched asparagus and fresh mushrooms. The regular players are there too. Noodles, ricotta cheese, garlic and mozzarella.

Warm and rich it's one of the best comfort foods of the spring. Even with layers of veggies this is luscious.

It is all I can do to let this pan cool. That is the worse part of lasagna. Waiting to let it cool. All lasagna has to cool  at least an hour. It has to set before you cut it. If it doesn't set it will be soupy and the dish will dry out. We can't have that!

That would be real shame! I mean just look at that cheesy stack of perfection. Yummster!


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