A British Godzilla? Who knew!?

In 1958 England decided it needed its own city munching monster dinosaur. A meat eating brontosaurus with some kind of face melting brain ray. They introduced it to the world in a film called The Giant Behemoth!

I am usually up late night. My happy pills ware off and it takes a while for more to take effect. Some of the greatest bad movies run then. 

I think we have established that I love monster movies. Even the awful ones. The Giant Behemoth was one of the baddest. I watched as the Behemoth squished and face melted its way through London.  I lost track of the beast as my pills kicked back in. 

The part I did see proved the Giant Behemoth was truly, wonderfully awful!  Hopefully it will play again soon. I want to find out if London survives


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