Napping pillow

When I was 13 my maternal aunt had her only chick and child. Tom.  We were in Atlanta visiting our grandparents.  Aunt Fran had not had the easiest of pregnancies so I stayed with them after the baby was born. I was supposed to help all I could.

I don't know what help I was. I do know Tom was the most hugged and kissed baby in all of Atlanta. I got just a little home sick.  Aunt Fran gave me an embroidery kit to take mind off it.  Doves and flowers. She sat with me and showed me each stitch.

It worked! I felt much better. My pillow has traveled with me wherever I lived. It even tagged along on a few vacations with me. D.C. And Disney World  to name a couple. 

My napping pillow soaked up my tears when my heart was broken and comforted me as I recovered from my trials. I can't imagine a nap without my pillow!

Gotta go! Time to use my pillow. Nite! Nite!


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