At least I got a pic. . .

Y'all know me. . . If I get a photo of what I am eating it's because I deliberately made a plan to do it. If I don't all I get is a photo of my empty plate

I'm getting better. This pic was taken somewhere in between! Lol!

Lol! Now let me tell you about the subject of said photo!  Saturday night dinner.

Charles discovered premade burgers at one of the local groceries. These burgers were not beef.  They were made of bulk bratwurst. Raw, not in the casings.

To this had been added jalapeño and cheese.  These burgers were awesome! 🍔! I had mine on a home made onion roll. Good grief, Charlie Brown!

As good as the burgers are the thing I dreamed about, really, was the hickory smoked french fries! Honestly!  Unadorned frozen french fries on the grill. Crispy smoked potatoness

As you see I ate them with ketchup. It has occurred to me though that BBQ sauce might work well! Can't wait to try it!  Yummster!


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