The forgotten exfoliated

Years ago, when my hands started to get painful, I quit knitting.  I am finding now that was definitely the wrong thing to do. Now my hands are worse and 2 of my doctors are encouraging to take knitting  up again. So I am.

I have collected what I need to do a few projects. But I have decided to begin at the beginning.  A starter pattern. A wash cloth.

I's knitted with 100% natural cotton yarn.  The pattern has a nubby, slightly rough texture that exfoliates. I have written about this before. I am mentioning it again because I had forgotten how much this simple beginners project effectes my skin.

Just since I have made a couple my skin, which I was kinda happy with by the way, has become so soft and touchable. My face especially. I love it. 

My hands are still in a bad way but with a pair of support gloves they are not as bad as they were. Since I am seeing SOME improvement I am thinking a larger project is now in order. Found a pattern for a lovely winter hood.  

I have about 7 months to decipher the pattern and actually do the knitting. That sounds about right to me.  Pictures to come.


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