Best sister ever!

I have the bestest sister ever!  I have been restocking my knitting supplies per doctors prescription. My sister has been the biggest help.

I am or was an avid knitter. I sold all my supplies when my hands gave out. Now am trying again. On a restricted budget I have been slowly getting what I need at the time.

As I searched the web for some stitch markers. I don't like the plastic ones. They snag or cut the natural fibers I prefer. The metal ones are expensive and not much easier on the yarns.  I saw some hand made beaded ones. They were pretty but not the quality I have seen my sister, Sally, make.

Sally has a beading business. She is SO talented in the jewelry she makes. I am spoiled because she makes me anything I want.  I get the friends and family discount! Lol!

When ever she needs a present for me she knows what I love in her line of one of a kind beaded jewelry.  So I knew she could make just what I wanted.

I think she must have worked night and day to get this done for me. Shades of blue beads and white metal. This looks just like me! Totally my style. 

I love it! And I love my sister! Thanks Sally!


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