A beef and pork weekend!

Saturday was a beef day, roast beef. A great dinner. Along with the roast we had streamed broccoli and pene. Such a pretty table.

                                                                  Such a pretty table!  

Sunday we seasoned a huge pork belly and put it into the fridge to cure. In ten to fifteen days we will smoke it.  Almost 15 pounds of bacon for the freezer! Oh so good!

                                                            Brown sugar cure 

I love a sweet and savory cure. 1 part brown sugar, 1 part kosher salt and 1/2 part cracked black pepper. Rub meat all over. In an air tight container turning every day for 10 to 15 days. Then . . . SMOKE ON!!!

I absolutely can not wait. Pardon me while I wipe the drool!


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