Both our girls are so much better!

Both of our little rat terriers are feeling much better.  Trixie has been suffering from an equilibrium problem. She fell often. She had an episode of spinning. Round and round and round until she fell from dizziness and exhaustion. 

When I picked her up her head continued to do circles in the air. The vet told us that a medication like Dramamine for human was the only treatment.  That and time. 

For weeks she has stumbled and fallen like a drunken sailor. Some days she had to ride with me in the wheel chair.  She stopped eating. This frightened me to no end! Finally things turned around for her.

She has the prance back in her walk. She is happily scarfing her food again. Thank goodness!!!

Lady's problem was less debilitating.  She was jealous, horribly jealous. Basically she was of the opinion that Trixie was getting entirely too much attention.  

Lady set on a campaign of interference. Actually putting her body between us and Trixie. She has been sad and morose.  

As Trixie improved we were able  give Lady more of the attention she craves. 

Since the first night of her illness Trixie has slept every night in my brothers lap. Her happy place.  This means Lady has been with me. She has had my undivided attention every night. As the weeks dragged by they both have slowly improved.  Thank goodness!

At this time we are a family of two happy dogs and two relieved humans. 


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