Knitted Hood

I have started my first knitted hood. It is an add - on for any coat without a hood. The base is all cables.

I have never tried a pattern quite this complicated. The biggest part is covered with cables. A twist in the in the knitted columns every few rows.

I still have several, SEVERAL more cables to complete before I can move on to the side panels. More pics as I get further along.  

This is a practice project. The kit came with natural, undyed Peruvian wool. Apparently these sheep were a black brown.  It will go really well with a cape I have.  

I have ordered some cashmere yarn to make one for Mom. I wanted to get my hand back in before I tried a gift. You know, work out all the bugs before I move on.

It is coming along well. . . Now.  I have had to take it all out a few times and start over. Even just a few stitches had to come out to fix the order. 

I think I have this part figured out.  I should be able to knock this out pretty well. I am a morning knitter.  My hands tire about one in the afternoon. 

I have another cable in me today.  Talk to you later.


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