Memory in the real

I haven't told you the whole story of the buffet butter rolls. I mentioned I used to LOVE these rolls.  There is more to it.

When I was first diagnosed 12-13 years ago I was living within steps of one of the best buffets. Their rolls were truly awesome! Mine are getting close. I would fill them with chicken salad from salad bar, as a snack before browsing the rest of the buffet.

I was at the restaurant almost everyday. The manager and the staff got to know me by name and the manager, Dave, and the senior staff would sit with me. I was often there alone.

When they figured out I was sick, they all noticed when I missed few days. Dave would make sure I was well enough to eat. After that he made sure I had plenty rolls and chicken salad. 

Chicken, celery, onions, dill pickles, crumbled bacon and walnuts. Mayo and mustard.

Spread that on a butter roll and I was so happy! Rita, the head server, made sure someone checked on me everyday. That also made me happy.

 Don't you love it when strangers act like friends. 


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