Refrigerator pene

Toward the end a grocery stash there is always a refrigerator dish. A dish made from the last of the veggies and or meats in the fridge. Or leftovers.

Tonight's dish is a collection of roasted root vegetables, roasted to a turn. Tossed with whole wheat pene and basil oil.

Carrots, red potatoes, butternut squash and parsnips roasted in veggie oil. Whole wheat pene pasta.

All the refrigerator finds are tossed with oil from this past summer.  Charles grew TONS of fresh globe basil. Mom, Dad and I made quarts and quarts of basil olive oil.  I still have a large bottle in the fridge.  I keep a small jar  on the counter for fried eggs or salads.

Every time I open the bottle the fresh scent brings the brightness of summer rushing back. The whole house smelled of warm basil oil and fresh baked bread, ( what better to dip in the oil? )

That is the refrigerator dish!


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