Almost made it!

I got up yesterday thinking I would have a full on bread bake day.  I knew it was hopeful but hopeful is what I was.  I was hoping to bake enough bread to fill the freezer.  I bake, cool and slice several different favors. Then I can thaw a couple slices of whatever I feel like that day.

Well. . . That was the dream. I got one loaf made yesterday. A beautiful loaf of 'everything' buttermilk bread. There are no photos because I cooled, sliced and froze it before I thought of it! RATS!

This morning, however, I got up very early and made cinnamon, raisin and walnut bread for breakfast.  You see the color of this loaf? All the color comes from cinnamon.

Warm bread with butter and strawberry jam. Yummster!  The next was a simple buttermilk white. With the best ingredients I can find I know in my heart it is the best I can get.

So my morning of baking took 2 days. It's an improvement on recent months! I almost made it!

I have fallen into a habit of something my dad used to say. Well, backwards anyway. Breakfast like a pauper, lunch like a prince and supper like a king. For me that means coffee or yogurt to break the fast, one sammie for lunch and a grilled or roasted meat with veggies fit for a king.

A sammie on my breads is just great. Quality cheeses and Charles' grilled meats tend to make as big a difference as the good bread.

A wonderful grilled cheese with bacon and some educational reading and I am set for lunch! 

Join me? Please do!


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