New book

I have the weirdest dreams. I recently got a book to write them down. Sometimes I don't remember the details the next day. So I write them down if I wake just afterwards. I also keep blog ideas in it too.

Last night was a dream. I had a vague idea that there was a dream last night.  I hope I remembered to write the details down! I did!

Intelligent dinosaurs, super powers and they learn through old movies. When there were problems or behaviors they didn't understand they searched the vintage films to find an answer. Old westerns, old sci-fi movies, mysteries, super heroes and romantic comedies.

This is the second dream with human like dinosaurs. I'm not sure why my mind keeps going that way. My preference is to cute and cuddly. Not cold blooded reptiles. Well. . . I do like some reptiles and spiders are so beautiful.

Ok! Ok! So my tastes are a little eclectic. But still. . . talking Dino's?!? I guess some dreams aren't meant to be understood. This one sure stumps me!  Any ideas?


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