Thunder storm

Last week the weather was lovely. Not a rain cloud in sight all week.  This week has been a little more wet.

As I type a thunderstorm rages out side.  Trixie, who HATES storms, has found her safe place. The brothers lap. Lady, who doesn't mind storms but she is of the opinion that I should never be alone, is next to me in bed.

It's quiet here.  The only break in the soft drumming of the rain on the window is the flashing lightning and the crash of thunder.

Just enough to keep me from falling asleep.  Since I am awake with nothing to do Lady feels like I should be rubbing her belly. I'm happy to oblige.  Especially since I am unlikely to get my hand back until I do.  LOL

Here in Eastern NC the rain is a welcome diversion.  It is also a reminder of the portion of the US that is currently suffering from an awful over-abundance of water.  

I mention all in that area fighting for their families, their lives and their homes with concern, hope and prayers.


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