I'm so Stupid!

Yesterday the heat was over a hundred degrees.  The heat index was even higher. I knew this.

I took some friends to the pool later in the afternoon.  We had a grand time!  I was in the water from 2:30 to 4:PM.  Got some sun. Not too bad.

                                            A little sun, not too much

I forgot something, I forgot to hydrate.

In that kind heat a failure to drink the requied liquids is dagerous.  A fact that was was brought home about 3:AM.  I had a heat headache and I my tounge felt dryer than beef jerky.

I am so stupid! I really didn't think the fact the concrete was hotter than the fires of Mordor was a reason to worry.  I was IN the water.  No way I could dehydrate. Right?  Oh SO wrong!

My condition needed water and lots of it.  It took a long while but I finally started feeling better.

That is a hard way to learn an important lesson.  If the people around me are to be believed it is the only way I learn.


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