Pink Terror

All the streets in our community are lined with crepe myrtle. SO allergic to blooming trees. The crepe myrtle outside my apartment knows that. Truly!

Beautiful pink blooms break out on this tree before all the rest.  The blooms hang around longer than any others.  I hate it!


I have learned a few new tricks as I battle the pink terror.  For me the most helpful are easy.

When coming in from walking the dogs I go straight to the bathroom an blow my hair and clothes.  Using my hair dryer with the exhaust fan going I get rid of any pollen clinging to me.  If I am wearing make-up I will blow my face as well. If not, as is usual, I will wipe my face with a damp cloth.

Because my eyes are very effected I make sure all the pollen is out of my lashes and brows. This does help keep the daily attacks at under control. When the air turns yellow with pollen more drastic measures are needed.

If the pollen is REALLY dense throw your clothes in the dryer for 10 minutes after spending more than a little while out in it.  The filter in the dryer will keep the deamon dust at bay.

I hope these little suggestions help you as you battle your own blooming terrors.  Whatever color they may be.


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