Shared eggs

There is a man that works with the brother who raises chickens.  Almost daily he shares eggs with the office.

Farm fresh eggs make everything bettter. Breakfast, bread and other baked goods all benefit from farm fresh anything.

I feel guilty accepting these little gems without a show of appreciation.  Last time I sent date nut bread.  This morning I send strawberry cheesecake. noticed the other cheesecake. The last time I sent a thank you the egg man was off that day. 

Charles mentioned this caused a minor uprising in the office.  They could see and smell the date nut bread but they couldn't have any. Torturous!

This time I fixed that. Two strawberry cheesecakes! One with a thank you note for the eggs.  The other with a note that reads:  To whom it may concern:  All home grown produce is considered an acceptable bribe for baked goods.  

Hee! Hee!


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