As I get older I regret not taking better care of my skin.  It has been a difficult chore anyway you cut it.

I have rosasia.  Eruptions are a fact of life. The web has been a big help.  I discovered that over fifty  they don't recommend useing a makeup base. (I can hear you all screaming).

It makes sense to me. Even the mineral powder bases I used so seldom were starting to be more than my skin could handle.  So I just stopped.

I still need to brighten my eyes.  Eyeshadows were never a stong point with me. So I stopped those too.  That left me with eyeliner and mascaras.


My eyes are too narrow and too close together.  A blond eye brow helps open the eye.  A mix of black and bronze water-proof liner from outer corner to the middle gives them more width.  Another water-proof liner in white on the inner lash line. Makes the whites the eye whiter. At least that is what the web tells me.

It like this sparing application. Gives me the definition I need without killing the 'natural' look I like. 

The rest of my face is simple. Just 'moisturize' with aloevera gel morning and night.  If I get a little shiny I wipe with a little witch hazel. A little gloss and I'm all done.

These little tips are helping with my fine lines and crepeiness.  Not too bad for an old broad.

I am not a make up maven so I have done my best to follow the directions as written. How did I do?


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