Present for me!

When I first moved in with the brother he gave me present.  I used them til they literally fell apart. He gave me a pair of slippers.  Not just any slippers either ll beans.  So nice!

I have not replaced them recently. When we lived in the trailer i was not outside in the cold.  So i just did without.  Now in the apartment i find myself walking the dogs. Getting the mail. Plus assorted other chores.  My feet are freezing!

I have socks and shoes but they are a bear to get on and off!  So i went in search of new slippers.  I was unprepared for the difficultly of deciding.

I have in recent years my feet have grown. I mean grown in length not just fatter.  I had been a size 10 shoe most of my life.  My shoe size now is ladies size 14.  Try finding that at the mall!

Fortunately in sneakers and slippers a men's size 13 works well. So ll beans men's slippers it is.  I found the cutest slides in the same suede.

They come in the color and size want.  The warm construction i crave. As well as the ease of a slide.  

Hurry up pay day!  I need these!❄️⛄️


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