Exciting day

Never under estimate a small dogs ability to inspire fear. I'm getting ahead of myself, today was going really well.

Dogs were walked. I had the laundry washing.  I had my coffee.  All was right in my world.

I heard the front door being unlocked and opened. I figured it was the brother.  He often comes home in the middle of the day. Usually to get something he forgot. ( his phone is the usual memory block). So I wasn't worried.

Then it happened. . . Both dogs went ballistic! Hair standing on end, growling and snarling! It took me a second to get into my chair and follow.  I came down the hall just in time to see Trixie beating feet after whoever it was.

At that time I was still thinking it was Charles.  I just followed her out to be sure he had her.  No Charles.

It was then I realized someone unknown to me had been in the opened the door.  Now Trixie was in hot pursuit!

Lady had stayed by me the whole time. Equally as scary as Trixie, but defiantly in protector mode.

Now my only focus was getting our Trixie back. She was in the middle of the road headed for the woods.  In my best 'mad momma' voice I ordered her to come to me. She stopped and looked at me.  I said again 'Trixie-Anna come here!".

She came and got in my lap, growling all the way home.  Lady, bless her heart, never left my side.  We all went home.

I talked to Charles. Then I went to the management office.  The police came. They will be keeping an eye on the apartment.  I am very grateful to the management team and the officer for their help.  I will always remember their kindness.

That being said I am proud to say we have 2 very scary little dogs.  Be afraid!  Be very afraid!


Anonymous said…
Mercy glad you are safe. I know that scary! Good girls, Lady & Trixie!

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