I struggled with a cake recipe all day yesterday.  Beautiful butter pecan cake. Three layers of luscious I put in the fridge to set.

I opened the door to check on the cake.  It jumped out and landed its top! I so wanted to use rude language.  

I noticed my cake had not been destroyed. I quickly turned it right side up. Ta! Da! It was protected by the wrapping!  All in one piece.

Whew!  It is still lovely.  For the first attempt of this cake and the trauma it has experienced I am so pleased. It looks pretty nice.

The butter roasted pecans in the batter AND the icing.  I am pleased with the flavor but the texture is  off. 

I think the batter needs more milk. Even a pecan liqueur drizzled over each layer.  Next time i will get it right.  

Keep an eye out for the next one.  I will be trying again soon.



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