Letting my geek flag fly!

We are a family of sifi lovers.  I myself am a fan of anything 'Star'.  Star Wars and Star Trek.

My newest obsession is a Star Wars spin off.  Star Wars Rebels

It's an animated series on Disney XD. There are Jedi, droids and aliens galore.  I picks up where the last movie left off.

All the Jedi have been either scattered to the far reaches of the universe or killed out right.  A small band of rebels continue the fight!

Rats!  there doesn't seem to be any free photos or clip art I can you use to share with you.  I promise it is worth the a look!

I read an article this morning that mentioned that the series is designed for kids ages 10 and up.  The reality seems the demographic is 29 to 50.

Whew!  I am not alone!  I was afraid I would have to watch this behind closed doors in a darkened room!



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