Back up. . . For now!

The new download from Apple has left me with no control in the appearance of the text on my blog.  Please forgive the tiny boring print.

Bringing y'all up to date won't take long.  Lots of nuthin!  Without internet  I am cut off completely! Everything I do is wrapped up on the web.

Every question is researched. Every item is found. New friends are made. All online!  Yikes!  I don't think I could do this disabled thing without the web.

Even with an all access pass to things wide and far, the onset of cabin fever is surprisingly quick!  I crave the company of people that are gregarious. (The brother is my rock but after a 10 to 14 hour work day conversation is the last thing on his mind.)  I long to see places that are designed to entertain.

It's the oddest thing. . . Antidepressants and anxiety meds don't seem to have any affect on cabin fever.  Such a shame.

Oh well, back into the web world.  I wonder what New Zealand looks like this time of year. . . .


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