Pop pop salad.

In the summer Charles' favorite meal is Pop pop salad.  Pop pop was our paternal grandfather. He made a marinated salad that the family all loves.

As the grand kids got old enough to handle a knife safely Pop pop taught us each to make this salad. From spring to first freeze this is the brothers go to meal.

It starts with all the fresh veg you have. Today I have peppers, onions and tomatoes.  For Charles I add pepperoncini and green olives.  The secret for this salad is the marinade.  

Salad Supreme, Raspberry balsamic vinegar and a good Evoo give a depth of flavor most salads lack. Unlike me Charles likes lettuce in this salad.  

I will make his dinner early so the flavors can marry but lettuce can disintegrate if added in too early.  I layer the lettuce and any proteins on the top. It ensures crisp lettuce until it is stirred together.

Today i have Asian chicken leftover from last nights dinner.  Slices of breast and a few slivered almonds.



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