lady perking up

  In recent weeks Lady and I have been kinda sad.  Just kinda out of sorts.  Lady has been just dragging. 

Her tail didn't wag.  Well it did wag for food and walks!  After all she is sad not dead.


It did concern me because she seemed to be mirroring my own feelings.  

We have talked often of Trixie and her ability to sense when I am physically unwell.  Lady knows unfailingly when I am unhappy.

Her style of comforting is unusual. She will take my foot in her paws and lick the whole foot.  When she finds the tickle button on the bottom, yikes!

Sometimes she has me in masses of giggles. This is a new trick for her. It was just in the last few weeks she found my tickle button.

This past weekend has gone a long way to perking us both up.  Family and friends descended on us with love and laughter. 

I couldn't help it.  I sang all day.  No one really enjoyed that except the dogs!

So happy to see you all!


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