Why make your own bread?

Since i have not baked in about two weeks, Charles has supplied my every need.  Even breads.

I love white bread.  Store bought, fluffy white bread. I was raised on it. White bread has always been my go to. Until now.

The brother brought my all time fave, Sunbeam sandwich bread. Giant size, of course. Creamy white, tender, even doughy. Screaming, SCREAMING, for peanut butter and jelly.

Alas no peanut butter.  Smoked turkey with Swiss cheese and sage mayo. Yummy!. . . Usually!

Took a big bite and yikes! The whole bite stuck to the roof of my mouth! After struggling through half the sandwich I took the bread off and ate the filling.

Truth be told I have always felt a little guilty baking white sandwich bread.  Even though my health conditions dictate a high protein, very low fiber diet guilt still persisted. 

Never ever again. While my buttermilk sandwich bread is a great low fiber bread.  It's much more substantial than any of the supermarket fare.

The second thing I noticed. I could not get satisfied. Sandwiches just didn't stay with me. I was hungry all the time.

The breads I make are, above all else, made with the best ingredients I can put my hands on. Flour, eggs, milks and sweeteners. Even the water is double filtered.

Final thought? Keep your favorite supermarket brands for you childhood sammie, pb&js and Fat Elvis'.  But for the adult that we all eventually become . . . bake on!

Gotta go now. Sharknado is on!


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