Trying a little different pain relief

On most days my pain plan works well. It mitigates the pain enough to allow me to be up and doing. 

For some reason stormy days are different.  Even the days leading up to bad weather break though the norm. 

My hands, knees and hip are inflamed and swollen.  Even with the most medicine allowed the pain broke through.

I was up almost 24 hours Monday.  Trying to find a position that didn't hurt.  No joy.

Yesterday afternoon and evening I spent in my zero gravity chair.  The chair helped a good deal.  The swelling and the pressure it caused reduced greatly.  I could sleep.

Surprisingly, I was still in pain.  Online I searched for an additional, non-narcotic pain relief. Reflexology and acupressure came up repeatedly.

The hand above and the points on the ear cover most of my problem areas.  I am having a little success.  My shoulder is actually feeling better.

sorry about the bad photos.  Trying to get it to transfer. My mind is not all there today. lol


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