creative storage

My kitchen is just right for me. It fits my wheelchair. . . just.  I can do a 360 without taking too much paint off the appliances.

That means everything is at hand. Especially if it is in the lower cabinet or on the counter. Still, creative storage is a must.  A solution that took care of 2 storage problems at once is always preferable.  

Enter the storage pitcher.  I have a pretty 2 quart, hand painter pitcher and goblet set that takes up a lot of space in my pantry.  Also in the pantry is a roll of one hundred bakery bags.

I bake often. Breads of all kinds, rolls, cakes, cookies and pies.  I use bags almost every day.  

To my joy I found that the whole roll of bags fit in the pitcher.  They even dispense one at a time. Yes!

I put the pitcher and a goblet, for the twist ties, on  the bar.  It sits next to the prize of my kitchen.  My KitchenAid.

I have several more organizational snafus.  Watch this space the solutions to those.  


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