The world is backwards!!!

Yesterday I saw the doctor about my shoulder.  I have over used it.  

I drive the chair with my right hand.  As a result I have been using my left side as the work horse.  All the reaching, grabbing and lifting has kept my arm from healing.

The recommendation from the doc? MRI to see just what is going on and switch the joy stick on my chair to the left hand side.  

Use the stronger, right shoulder as the primary work arm.  So far so good.

Shifting the joystick is not going so well.  My brain is having trouble making the change.  It is like I have never driven this thing!  

The left side feels completely backwards!  It is keeping the activity level to a minimum. It is going to take several days keep from going in circles and crashing into walls!

This could save my shoulder. . . if i don't crash and burn first.


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