Beer Poolish

I have been cruising some bread baking communities. It's so fun for a baker like me.

I found one blogger, Edinburgh Foodie, I enjoy reading.  She shared a recipe for a beer poolish to make bread. 

What is a poolish?  I had to ask too. Turns out it's a quick starter. 

Over night ferment a mix of beer flour and yeast. I have never had much success with starters so I was pleased when this bubbled up like it did.

I mixed up the bread dough and it jumped up.  Look at this rise!

It baked off beautifully too.  So YUMMY!

This is a luscious white bread.  However there is very little beer flavor.  I used a pale ale.  Next time I use a darker beer. 

This is so good! 


El Ruco said…
I'd call this a sponge and have used them with beer with great success. Have you then tried making the bread with a healthy dose of the spent mash! Great flavor and texture to say nothing of fiber.
Mercy Toshach said…
sounds great El Ruco, but where would one get spent mash? i can't imagine there is a big market for it.

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